It’s not only the short film makers that Nordic Giants owe a huge debt of gratitude, we would also like to thank the many vocalists, videographers, photographers, sound engineers, writers, illustrators, publications (and plenty of others too!) who help to create the final Nordic Giants product. Below is a selection of these fantastic people/organisations. Please support them whenever you can!

Featured vocalists

Cate Ferris : Shine

Jake Reid : The Seed

Amdine : B.O.A.T.S

Alyusha : Little Bird






Freyja: Breathe, Glass Skinned Girl
Nordic Giants







Agata Urbaniak






Andy Wright
Nordic Giants






Chris Hutchinson
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Rob Orchard
Rob Orchard






Simon Brice
George Trumpet







Wiggly Line Productions
Wiggly Line






Galapagos Productions
Galapagos Presents






Special Thanks

Lizzie George – Costume designer.
Lizzie George






Anthony Atkinson – Illustrator.
Big A Band






Michelle Tilly – Illustrator/graphic design.






Brighton Noise – Gig guide/review/promoter site.






Brighton Music Blog
Brighton Music Blog