‘Amplify Human Vibration’ OUT NOW

⌆ ‘Amplify Human Vibration’ is officially out TODAY!

You can get it in digital through our Bandcamp or Itunes and in CD/Vinyl at our online store.

Huge thank you to Dave Lynch for mixing the record, Ed Woods for mastering it and beeple for providing the very fitting artwork. 
Thanks to all the contributors & executive producers, especially Jarno Doggen!

Love to our friends and family, plus our long-standing crew members Bobby McFarlane and Nathan Hetherington. Last but not least the man that probably lost a lot of sleep over putting all of it together, our manager Mau Barba…….Gracias!!

This Project is about re-awakening the human spirit, to help us step out of the dystopian illusion we have been living in for so long and to realize our true potential as unique individuals living on this beautiful planet together. We are sovereign beings, autonomous souls and as the veils that have separated us all for so long begin to lift, try to find a quiet moment and witness the first light of dawn, with a new perception of the world and a greater understanding that we are more than just skin and bones. We are immortal elements, we are energy and we are sprit…..we are power!
Love – Löki & Rôka ⌆

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