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Nordic Giants — A Tree As Old As Me
Release date : Oct. 07, 2010
  1. Shine Feat Cate Ferris
  2. B.O.A.T.S Feat Amdine
  3. The Seed Feat Jake Reed
  4. Through A Lens Darkly

A Tree As Old As Me



Before even pressing play on their debut EP ‘A Tree As Old As Me’, its the strain of post-rock from Iceland which the name ‘Nordic Giants’ appears to be paying tribute to. Bands like Sigur Ros and Mum are immediate comparisons also in terms of the band’s sound, and the way Nordic Giants are going, they are without doubt the British answer to their successes. There’s something totally engulfing and timeless about Nordic Giants’ music which I can’t quite put my finger on, maybe the dreamy and disorientating repetitions or the helpless, all-encompassing climaxes are what has transformed a good band into one so eternally relevant, personal and sentimental. Descending all too often from sparse classical beginnings and minimalistic slow-paced percussion, it is the quietest origins which are built into the most expansive of post-rock soundscapes.

‘Shine (ft. Cate Ferris)’ has a dark British touch to it, providing almost-spoken female vocals to the ambient guitar-work for a timeless arrangement. Sure enough, it builds into cold, orchestral grandeur which transposes itself as almost violent, before filtering out and returning once again into the semi-buoyant and deeply introvert beginnings. This is a theme which is continued; ‘Through A Lens Darkley’ does something similarly led but this time by sparsely intensifying piano. Live, the loops and pedals which allow the duo to change instruments and provide extra percussion when its really needed, are just spectacular. Until now, Britain has been missing a really great emerging post-rock band. Perhaps Nordic Giants are the answer?”

Peter Lanceley