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Speed The Crows Nest
Release date : Feb. 18, 2013
  1. Speed The Crows Nest
  2. Glass Skinned Girl (Feat. Freyja)

Speed The Crows Nest



“Speed The Crow’s Nest is from the off – big, uplifting piano riffs, shimmering guitars and clattering drums. like falling from a great height, or being caught out in a thunderstorm – it’s a little disorientating, but at the same time utterly awe inspiring. The b-side is the first track released with vocalist, Freyja. Glass Skinned Girl showcases the other side of the band – quiet, reflective and glacial. Freyja’s voice is a perfect complement to their more ambient stuff, and rings out as much a part of the instrumentation as a vehicle for delivering the lyrics.”

Tracks engineered by Bobby McFarlane and Produced by Dave Lynch.