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The Nordic Giants 


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Calling Nordic Army! 

Nordic Giants plan to take on their most ambitious project to date!

A deluxe album, packed with over 18 tracks of music & bonus material

Featuring vocals from an array of established guests singers

Live Orchestral strings and brass

New original mind bending short films 

DVD Package

Plus a upgraded live show!



The album is set to be released in 5 different stages:

First will come - 4  Super Limited EP's

Each with 4 songs, plus B sides

All individually signed,

All individually numbered,

With unique artwork


After the EP's the full length Album will be released

This will be a deluxe double vinyl edition

180g Heavy weight vinyls

Featuring bonus songs and material!

CD / DVD Package

USB gift box

the ep's


The first 4 releases will be available via :

10" Vinyl, CD, USB 

All with download codes

These will be a numbered limited edition press

(Note : they will not available to stream or download anywhere else)

Anchor 4

T H I R D   a l b u m  (untitled)

Pledge Campaign 


Bringing their unique musical blend of Post-Rock Soundtracks,
once again to the people who  appreciate its hidden beauty.
Pledge your support today!

      286 Supporters


£4,000 Target             60 days left


Click on the images for more info...

Frequently Asked Questions


1) When will I receive my items?

Answer: When buying a gift your are essentially making a pre-order, which will guarantee your copy of the limited merchandise & special offers. Your physical items will be sent out just ahead of the official release date early 2022.

2) How do I add my name to be included in the artwork & T-Shirt Size

Answer: please enter any names for the artwork
by clicking the 
(Add Pledge Name) button when viewing your cart and before checking out and making your payment.

You can also ADD your T-shirt size in the same box!

3) Can I order a gift and order from the Nordic Store at the same time?

Answer: No! Please order your gifts separate from any store orders,

This will ensure the correct postage and that your items will be sent out at the correct time.

4) How much does shipping cost?

Answer: Costs will vary depending on your location and weight,

This will be calculated when completing your order. 

5) Do you ship outside the UK?

Answer: Yes we can ship to any country,

If you have any issues you can email us direct.

6) Can I buy more than one gift, if purchasing for a friend?

Answer: Yes you can! Please add any instructions, alternative names for the artwork or change in address when completing your order. Alternatively you can email us direct at any time to make changes.

7) Can I make an extra donation to the project,

not available in the gift section?

Answer: Yes, you can visit our donations page (click here)

to make a one off payment for any amount you wish, no matter how small, it is always appreciated.



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