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New Faceless Film!!

We are thrilled to premiere our latest short film 'Faceless' featuring Alex Hedley - from our brand new album 'Symbiosis'.

This film touches upon the symbology surrounding the mythical ouroboros symbol - or snake swallowing its own tail. It’s an allegory for the trappings of life, where every soul is accountable for their own path, but often chooses to remain in the comforts of ignorance or self sabotage. It’s a little dark, but it’s also quite funny! A huge thank you to our good friend and actor Simon Brice, who literally got dragged through hell and back whilst filming and also to Nathan M Hetherington for his production assistance.

Make sure you find a big screen, set the quality to high and turn your speakers up or headphones loud!

Please share the film and leave a comment on our facebook page :

To win a Bonus download of the new album one week ahead of official release!


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