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'A wondrous journey through all that is great about Nordic Giants.’ - Prog Radar

Nordic Giants, the enigmatic musical duo known for their captivating soundscapes and immersive live performances have solidified their place in the alternative music scene through a rich history of sonic innovation and visual storytelling. Combining live instrumentation, visuals and theatrical elements, their shows are akin to a religious experience, transporting audiences to otherworldly realms.​

‘A must listen’ - Razor’s Edge

‘Origins’ invites audiences to embark on a voyage of discovery, delving deeper into Nordic Giants past. This brand new release combines three of the very first Nordic recordings - A Tree As Old As Me (E.P), Speed the Crows Nest (Single), Shine (Single), plus a bonus track, onto one compilation album. However this compilation offers the listener a new experience, with many of the original recording sessions being revisited and many of the main instruments re-recorded, re-mixed and re-mastered, giving the songs a whole new lease of life. A re-birth and celebration into the Origins of Nordic Giants.​

'Be immersed and be richly rewarded for your investment ‘9/10’ - GAMES, BRRRAAAINS & A HEAD-BANGING LIFE

For the very first time this collection of songs will be available to buy on multiple formats and will feature some of their most streamed music, songs such as ‘Together’ previously unreleased on vinyl until now. These new recordings will take many of the 'Classic' Nordic recordings, including ‘Through a Lens Darkly’ & ‘The Seed’. With newly recorded live strings, drums, piano, synths and guitars: much more in tune with what fans are used to hearing during live performances.

’The power they conduct to the ears is unmatched by peers’

- Echoes and Dust

“Massive thank you to Nice Weather for Airstrikes for helping with the release, Gilles Ketting for his incredible artwork, Dave Lynch for mixing, Ed Woods for mastering, Meg Woodhouse for violin, Sonic Wax for pressing a great sounding Vinyl, Vino Sangre for supplying top quality clothing !

Thank you to our friends, family, crew and to everyone that has supported Nordic Giants over the years - You have made our dreams come true!”

Rôka & Löki



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