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Our new album 'Symbiosis' Set for Release on the 4th of Feb!


Our new album ‘Symbiosis’ is set to be released on the 4th of February, just ahead of our UK Tour with Årabrot. Massive thank you to everyone that pledged towards the album - it would not have been possible without your loyal support!!!

We hope you enjoy the music, the artwork and we hope to see you all at a live performance…


"Symbiosis represents the interdependent relationship of all life. The union and blending of polar opposites, the harmony created when two different elements combine.

This collection of songs blends light with dark, moments of ambience with power and the subtle with the mysterious. As a whole, the album encompasses a broad tapestry of weird and wonderful sounds, from vintage analogue synths, Tibetan bowls and even a Carnyx horn, to some familiar guest vocalists in the form of Alex Hedley and Freyja - adding their haunting and ethereal sounds on top of what what is predominantly a multi layered instrumental album.

The album was not influenced by any other artists or styles in particular - But we were influenced by nature, by the Sea, the Sun & the Moon, the cycles of life, of death and rebirth. We started with pure ideas, taking all the emotions that live inside of us, that are buried deep within the sub-consciousness and gave them the opportunity to shine through in musical form, and even though we are only two people, we did not let that limit the sound in any way.

Much like our first album - Symbiosis is a multi layered album, It’s going to be hard to understand the depth of emotion, or spirit of the album on the first listen or even the second. But hopefully even on the 100th listen there may still be new layers revealing themselves to you.

Imagination can take you anywhere and we hope this album will transport you to otherworldly places!”

Rôka & Löki x


These symbiotic themes of union and interdependence don’t stop just with the music, but are continued throughout the album artwork. Working with photographer Neil Grundy, Nordic Giants combined different paints into water and were able to photograph and capture some amazing results, which can only be described as an interlacing synergy of the natural with the supernatural.


1) Philosophy of Mind

2) Anamorphia

3) Hjem

4) Faceless Ft. Alex Hedley

5) Convergence

6) Spheres Ft. Freyja

7) Spires of Ascendency

8) Infinity

Written & Produced by

Nordic Giants


Cymbals & Skins

Bowed Guitar


Piano & Synths

Trumpet & Horns


Chae Antony Winter


Alex Hedley

Additional Guitars

Bill Merrick


Jack Cullimore


Tim Laycock


Dave Izumi

Engineered by

Bobby McFarlane


Ed Woods


Neil Grundy

Recorded & Mixed at

Echo Zoo Studios

Special thanks to

Mau Barba

Haydn Britland

Nordic Thanks

Carla & Jägo, Sophie, Barley & Remy, Ciara Nolan, Christoff Skirl, Laure Noverraz, Lucille Dee, Boty, Simon Brice, Matt and Jo Russell, Stott family at Pantycastell, Sacha, Nick Hedges, Sally & Garry, Tamsin Prior, Evi Vine, Steven Hill, Crew at Riverview Touring Park plus our friends and family for their continued support!

Executive Producers

Alan Marshall Smith

Menno Schouten

Brehon Humphrey

Simon Clark

Torben Andersen

Gary Thornton

Andrew Goodberry

Simon Fluker

Owen Parry

Christian Rambow


Nathan Hetherington

Jarno Doggen

Sam Watts

Jonathan Baker-Huxham

Kind Earth


Jake Dearlove

Billy Evans


Thomas Long

Aroun Demeure


The new album is now available to pre-order and will be sent out slightly before the 4th of Feb in time for the release!


Tickets are now on sale now for the 2022 UK tour with Årabrot, which will include songs from the new album, as well as a mix of older songs spanning the last 10 years! Expect Brand new films as well as some older classics - to shock, awe and inspire!


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