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Recording and Mixing complete!

Great news - All Recording and Mixing is now complete for our new album Symbiosis!

Massive thank you to Dave Izumi at Eco Zoo Studios for mixing it. To Freyja, Chae Winter, Alex Hedley, Bill Merrick, Jack Cullimore & Tim Laycock for adding an extra flavour of sound.

Thank to Bobby, Christoff, Sacha, Boty, Sally and Gav for their extra help!

And to our manager Mau for his dedication and hard work!

Please be aware you only have today and tomorrow left If you would like YOUR name to be printed in our new album Vinyl Artwork! Please place your order via our pledge page. If you miss this deadline you can still buy gifts, but your name will only be included in the CD Artwork.

Thanks to all that have supported this album so far, it would not have been possible without you!


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