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Build Seas, Dismantle Suns is a compilation of two self released EP's - available in one package for the first time. 

'Build Seas', includes 'Violent Lights' featuring soaring vocals from the visceral Alex Hedley.


The further 3 tracks vary from electronic riffs, to epic trumpets, rousing drums and the dreamy vocals of featured artist Freyja. 

'Dismantle Suns' features vocalist Alyusha from The Boxettes on the track 'Little Bird' and the soft gentle tones of HeyMun - a Kuala Lumpur born singer now based in Australia.

Both EP's evocatively contain moments of almost unbridled euphoria, delicate wistfulness and apocalyptic overtones.

Double CD sleevepac edition. 

CD 1: 

1. Violent Lights ft Alex Hedley (4:12) 
2. Drumfire (3:53) 
3. Neotenie (4:54) 
4. Between Two Worlds ft Freyja (7:41) 

CD 2: 

1. Little Bird ft Alyusha (5:36) 
2. Mechanical Minds (4:47) 
3. Strangest Tides ft Heymun (5:09) 
4. Dark Clouds Mean War (6:02)

Build Seas Dismantle Suns CD

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