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Do you have a passion for music? 

Have you dreamed of becoming a music producer?

Now you can ! !


This is a very unique oppertunity to get behind the mixing desk and create your own Nordic Giants Mix with Nordic Giants!




You will meet us at Echo Studios in Eastbourne

There will be an introduction and tour of studio

Then you will become the producer

Dont worry (no experience nessary).

You will get the chance to create your own mix 

or even record your own parts over our music

You will mix the track hands on on analogue desk

play around with fun outboard equipment

Listen to all the individual instruments on their own

Hear all the subtle details you never even knew existed

Listen to the mix in the very studio it was created (a great experience)

And ask any question you like about the recordings.


This will be 5 hour session at Echo Zoo Studios in Eastbourne

With Producer Dave Lynch and Nordic Giants!


Afterwards you can take home any of your new mixes

on a Nordic USB to show your friends and family.


Will include the Origins Album sessions

But other albums maybe available upon request!


These session can be shared between

a small group of friends if you wanted? 


Maxium of 4 people 

(4 People, could each pay £125 and you could all share the mixing time together)

Become a Music Producer (5 hr)

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