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Origins Digipack CD 


Limited to 150 copies


1. Together                                                 

2. Speed The Crows  Nest                      

3. Glass Skinned Girl Ft. Freyja              

4. Through a Lens Darkly                       

5. Shine Ft. Cate Ferris                            

6. The Seed Ft. Jake Reid                      

7. B.O.A.T.S Ft. Amdine                           

8. Dark Clouds Mean War (Rework)    



Rôka - Cymbals, Skins & Guitar

Löki - Piano, Synth & Trumpet

Artwork By Gilles Ketting

Mixed By Dave Lynch

Mastered By Ed Woods

Violin By Meg Woodhouse

Written & Produced By Nordic Giants

Recorded at Echo Zoo Studios




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