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(Please note all "Symbiosis' vinyls have some very slight damage to the artwork - so they have been discounted by 25%.)



Following on from the success of their debut album - 'A Sèance of Dark Delusions’ the mysterious Nordic Giants emerge from hiding with their second studio album simply entitled - 'Symbiosis’


Symbiosis represents the interdependent relationship of all life. The union and blending of polar opposites, the harmony created when two different elements combine. This collection of songs blends light with dark, moments of ambience with power and the subtle with the mysterious.


As a whole, the album encompasses a broad tapestry of weird and wonderful sounds, from vintage analogue synths, Tibetan bowls and even a Carnyx horn, to some familiar guest vocalists in the form of Alex Hedley and Freyja - adding their haunting and ethereal sounds on top of what what is predominantly a multi layered instrumental album.



1) Philosophy of Mind

2) Anamorphia

3) Hjem

4) Faceless Ft. Alex Hedley



1) Convergence

2) Spheres Ft. Freyja

3) Spires of Ascendency

4) Infinity


Vinyl Codes can be emailed if requested!

Symbiosis Vinyl

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