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Reel to Reel Tape Is the NEW Vinyl ! ! !


This is a rare opertunity to own "Origins"

on a custome made Reel to Reel Tape!

Plastic 7” Studio Reel 

Comes complete  in a box with the Origins Artwork

Analogy transfer from desk to Tape

Custom made to order in the sudio it was mixed and recorded

Previous releases can be made available upon email request



Like string theory, audiophile subculture is complex and defined by unresolved questions. Is an insanely expensive cable really better than an outrageously expensive cable? Do tube amps trump solid-state amps?


One question, however, has been resolved: tape or vinyl? Even the most dubious critics find no ambiguity here. The verdict: tape sounds better than vinyl. Period. Not the cassette tapes of Walkman era, of course. The real vinyl killer turns out to be reel-to-reel tape. 


Please email us for more details regarding deliver etc..


(Photo is  just an example)

7" Reel to Reel Studio Tape (Small)

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