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Amplify Human Vibration Documentary Complete!

Our Amplify Human Vibration project is now complete! 

For anyone that completely missed it we created a 9 part mini documentary series following inspiring individuals helping to shift humanity forward, and prove that every individual can make a difference. 

Back in 2017 we started the ball rolling with this project, and after a successful crowd funding campaign we began travelling the country in search for inspiring people to film. Our aim was to create a thought provoking exploration into the human spirit, exploring the kindness of humanity and what drives inspiring people. Each episode in this 9 part documentary series follows a different story affecting political, social and environmental issues.... from interviewing a war photographer, to an ocean swimmer, to exploring different changes we could all make to the way we live, think and interact. With an increase focus on fear and negativity throughout the mainstream media, this documentary series hopes to shine a small light onto some of the positive stories, following inspirational people helping to make our planet that much brighter. 

Massive thank you again to everyone who funded this project, it would not have been possible without you! We hope you enjoy and please help to share the documentary to amplify its effect!

“Amplify Human Vibration -  A documentary to remind us all

that we are still a heart society.”


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