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Nordic Catchphrase : Part 9

Last square is finally here and the beautiful artwork is revealed!

Thank you to everyone that has been playing along with the Nordic catchphrase game and guessing what we have been up to! As promised we have selected 3 names (who got close). Each person will receive a free Signed Test Pressing! The winning names are: Rob Crampsie, Mark Robson, Tom Archer - Please email us your details.

This release will delve deeper into Nordic Giants past and will be the first of TWO releases this year! Accompanying the release will be a written saga and collection of old photos, revealing undisclosed details about Nordic Giants - plus a live montage video made from 21 different performances from over the past 14 years!

As always we rely on your continued support to help fund these releases and take them on tour, so alongside the release will be a selection of Limited Edition Merch items & even a rare opportunity to Mix your own version of the album alongside Nordic Giants in the very studio it was recorded! 

Please join us tomorrow where we will reveal the final piece of the puzzle ‘The Title’

Plus full details of this exciting new release! 

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