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Review - The Razors Edge

Album Review: Nordic Giants – Origins

Reviewed by Rob Barker

I'll start this review off with a disclaimer, that Nordic Giants are one of my favourite bands. Nevertheless, I will be as objective as possible from now on.

Fucking hell this album is a masterpiece.

Sorry. That just came out.

For those unfamiliar with Nordic Giants, they are a post-rock duo. Their live performances have left many people awestruck, from the small, odd venues (I first saw them in a Walkabout for God's sake), to the halls they can fill with ease, Nordic Giants are a truly mesmerising act. Due to the heavy, unavoidable element of the visual aspect of their shows (for the uninitiated, every song is played to film), one wonders how it might translate to a non-visual format. Oh, it translates just fine, sir. Just. Fine.

Origins kicks in with Together, and it’s as Nordic Giants as you can get. THAT piano tone, THAT energy, and THAT beauty which, even in a genre of many bands, only Nordic Giants are capable of achieving. Speed the Crows Nest goes for a more symphonic and upbeat sound, really showing off how Nordic Giants, even as one of the most inspirational bands in the genre, are able to keep their sound fresh.


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