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Symbiosis is officially out!!

Yes our new album 'Symbiosis' is finally available on all platforms!

'Symbiosis is sonic food for your mind, body and soul. 9/10’


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to everyone involved in the whole process, no matter how small - we really appreciate everything! Thanks to everyone that pledged, who pre-ordered the album, all that have listened so far and all that will eventually listen! It's been a long time since our last release and we are happy to share new music with everyone! We hope you enjoy!

Find a quiet spot and turn it up loud!!!

Rôka & Löki


“Another beautifully human, cosmically purposeful record”


You can stream or download the album here:

Buy the album on vinyl or CD here:

Symbiosis is dateless, ageless, marvellous’


In no particular order we would like to thank :

Chae Antony Winter, Freyja, Alex Hedley - for adding their vocals, Bill Merrick for laying down additional guitars, Jack Cullimore for performing multiple string parts and Tim Laycock for adding cello. Dave Izumi for mixing the album, Bobby McFarlane for his assistance during recording, Ed Woods for mastering and Neil Grundy for his photography skills.

Special thanks goes to:

Our hard-working manager Mau Barba, our booking agent Haydn Britland, Nathan Hetherington for this continued support and Simon Brice for starring in our latest film.

We would also like to thank:

Carla & Jägo, Sophie, Barley & Remy, Ciara Nolan, Christoff Skirl, Laure Noverraz, Lucille Dee, Boty, Simon Brice, Matt and Jo Russell, Stott family at Pantycastell, Sacha, Nick Hedges, Sally & Garry, Tamsin Prior, Evi Vine, Steven Hill, Crew at Riverview Touring Park plus our friends and family for their continued support!

Executive Producers

Alan Marshall Smith

Menno Schouten

Brehon Humphrey

Simon Clark

Torben Andersen

Gary Thornton

Andrew Goodberry

Simon Fluker

Owen Parry

Christian Rambow


Jarno Doggen

Sam Watts

Jonathan Baker-Huxham

Kind Earth


Jake Dearlove

Billy Evans


Thomas Long

Aroun Demeure

(Apologies again to everyone that has so far ordered the album, but we do have a slight delay on all physical products. With luck items should be arriving next week, then sent out as soon as possible. We thank you for your patients on this important issue!!

Also please be aware - we have been told that there are some issues with Deezer and TIDAL, which we are currently trying to resolve!)


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